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Alanna Johan
19 October
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My name is Alanna. Often AlannaJohan, though in publication Alanna Johan Blaney. I don’t do abbreviation well.
I now reside in Yorkshire with my partner Keith, but was born in North London to a Scottish mother and an Irish father and spent several years in Cornwall.

I genuinely enjoy sharing my time with animals and in the past have owned tropical fire eels, oscars, leopard gheckos, dumbo ear rats and a variety of felines. However I have now found my calling as a total dog person through and through, and currently own 3 Alaskan Malamutes who have provoked in me a heavy interest in confirmation showing and working disciplines such as dryland mushing, weight pulling and backpacking. In addition I find canine psychology and the developmental history of spitz breeds in particular very interesting. Other breeds of interest to me include Japanese Akita Inu and the Greenland Dog. Also in my life is a royal python called bruce

In other news, I write. Previous publications include Future Voices Anthology (UK), Writing Magazine (UK) , Crannog Literary Magazine (EIRE) and Immortal Verses Anthology (US), amidst other independent medias.!

Other things of interest to me include motorsports, tattoos, music, reading and drinking too much. And other stuff but if you want to be bored with that you can ask!

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If you are to see my words or images elsewhere, it is probably somebody elses residence. Lest I am forgetful. Inform me either way and it shall be rectified.
abandoned buildings, absinthe fairies, abstract prose, addiction, aesthetics, akita inus, akitas, alaskan malamutes, ancient breeds, angela carter, aoi nanase, art, arthur rimbaud, australian cattle dogs, bandages, bladed instruments, blue aftershock, body modification, boots, cages, canine psychology, cellos, charles ashton, classic minis, corsetry, creative writing, custom cars, david lynch films, dereliction, disused churches, egyptology, emaciation, experimentation, extended metaphor, fashion, feline imagery, floria sigismondi, fmx, freeride motocross, hot rod stepsides, hourglass figures, idiosyncratic aesthetics, ink, intoxication, japanese akita inus, japanese engine tuning, joel peter witkin, john santerineross, la fee vert, latex fashion, layers, literature, malamutes, mechanical wings, medical equipment, mental institutions, metal, metal mulisha, metaphorical drowning, minis, modification, moonbathing, mythology, neil gaiman, nietzschean ethics, off road exploration, old chevys, pale skin, philosophising, philosophy, photography, pin up girls, posing on car bonnets, psychology, publishing, reptiles, ripped lace, rock crawling, rockabilly fashion, scars, sharpened edges, silk sheets, sledding, sociolinguistics, suzanne cleminshaw, symbology, tea, ted polhemus, the great ideas, tightlacing, torn clothing, trashy makeup, tropical eels, underspoken elegance, urban exploration, v8 growls, vegan food, victoriana, visible bones, vogue, weaponry, weight pulling, wheels and dollbaby, words, working dogs, writing

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